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Open Source Softwares, Internet & telecoms

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38 years old
Married, 3 childrens


1991 Baccalauréat E : Mathematics, Physics and Technology Received with equivalent of grade B, ‘A’ levels. 1991-1994 Three years in a Technological and Mathematical class (CPGE) The objective was to prepare us for entrance to Engineering Schools. I was eligible to enter ESTP, ENSAM and the IFMA, after a competitive exam. 1994-1998 I.F.M.A. : Mechanical Engineering School (French Institute of Advanced Mechanical) Section MMS : Machines, Mechanisms and Systems. Subjects are Mechanisms and Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Geometric Modelling and CAD, Power Transmission, Control Engineering and Process Control, Motors, Engineering Methods, Economics, Industrial Management. Final year included two placements abroad. 1998 Graduation : French Ingénieur Diplômé (6 years post A level, chartered engineer)

Work Experience

Holiday Job (August 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994)

  Bank : Crédit Industriel de l'Ouest, Nantes. I was a counter clerk at the exchange desk.

Individual Teaching (since 1991)

  I taught Mathematics and Physics to secondary school pupils.

Worker (July 1995)

  Firm : Waterman, in Nantes, France.
  Design and fabrication of pens (classic, ball-point and fountain), ink cartridges, etc.
  Various operations in the control process. It taught me a lot about human interaction in an industry and more generally about manufacturing.

Translation and marketing (Since 1995)

  I translated a software program and its manual from English to French, and I am now selling it in all French-speaking countries.
  This program is a dedicated data-base. This concrete work showed me the problems relating to specifications, delay, advertising ...

Industrial Training (June – July 1996)

  Firm : Sofrel Electronique, in Saint-Pierre Montlimart, France.
  Production of electronic cards (for computers, TV Decoders, cars, etc.).
  Set up a network of computers to load programs in machine tools.

Engineering placement (February – July 1997)

  Firm : Brown & Sharpe, in Telford, England.
  Measuring instruments, machines, software, and custom measuring systems.
  Design of various mechanical systems, in the metrology domain.

Research (August 1997 – January 1998)

  Cambridge University.
  Engineering Department, Engineering Design Center, Cambridge, England.
  Design of a flexible Autonimous Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Company Project (February 1998 – June 1998)

  Renault & IFMA partnership.
  Java development of a software assistant for reverse engineering, with Man Machine Interface design, in order to access a database by internet or intranet.

Lore, Altran group (July 1998- August 2001)

  As a consultant, I had the oportunity to lead several projects in telecommunications companies:
  • July 1998: Service Manager at GlobalOne, an international telecommunications operator.

The Service Manager is the SPOC, the Single Point of Contact of its customers for everything except contract and finance. He produces monthly reports for its customers, presenting the evolution of the network, its use, the incidents, and analyses all these facts to propose actions to the customer : updates, corrections, and so on. He then supervises the action plan if needed. The Service Manager has meetings with its customers on a monthly or quarterly basis. I was in charge of 4 customers for their Call Centre and VPN services.

  • January 2000: Program Manager at France Telecom Mobiles, for the Paris GSM network.
  • October 2000: Radio Program Manager at Bouygues Télécom, in charge of developing the GSM, DCS and UMTS mobile networks in South-East of France.

Capgemini (2001 – 2011)

  Various projects on HP OpenView TeMIP (Telecommunication Management & Information Platform):
  • SNMP AM development
  • TeMIP porting on SunOS (from Tru64)
  • TeMIP porting on HP-UX (from Tru64 and SunOS)
  • TeMIP Support level 2
  IT Architect and Project Leader for the leader of airline booking systems (and more!).
  Project Leader for Capgemini Outsourcing Services (Clermont-Ferrand).
  • Web sites design and development
  • IT Architect
  • Project Leader
  • Open Source evangelist

Michelin (Since 2011)

IT project manager for Engineering group, in charge of various projets:

  • Major software update project: Solidworks, Autocad, SmarTeam, and related softwares used in design studies.
  • Electronic signature implementation
  • Set up of a 3D immersive room
  • Collaborative tools and digital collaboration
  • Cyber security


French : mother tongue English : fluent (throughout school + one year in England + permanent professional use) Spanish : basic knowledge

Other Skills

Operating Systems : DOS, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux Programming : C / C++ (with the Object Oriented Analysis basis), HTML, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, Pascal, PHP, MySQL Software : Various, but not limited to: I-DEAS (UNIX), AutoCad, Winword, Excel, Access Driving : Full Clean Driving Licence

Clubs & Activities

IFMA Services : I was the president of this association in 1996, while a student. Its purpose is to run industrial projects, in engineering design and study. This teached me how to manage people on projects. Internet : I worked on the World Wide Web presentation of my school, back in 1995. I created several web sites (such as,

Hobbies / Interests

  • Computer science, web sites designing such as
  • Linux and Open Source softwares, such as the Kaella, a Linux distribution I created and maintain.
  • Swimming
  • Various reading such as Novels and Magazines
  • Cacti and other succulent plants

IFMA French Institute of Advanced Mechanical, Sigma Clermont since 2016)

Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée
B.P. 265
63175 AUBIERE Cedex
Phone : (+33) 4 73 28 80 00
Fax : (+33) 4 73 28 81 00
Web :

References available on request

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